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  1. A loan with a lower APR is cheaper
  2. A longer loan will reduce your monthly costs but increase the total amount you pay back
  3. A secured loan is cheaper than an unsecured loan
  4. Warning: A secured loans puts your home at risk

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How Cheap Loans save you money

If you owe money on your credit cards, store card or mortgage, you can save money on your current loan by getting:

1. A cheaper loan, that is one that charges a lower interest rate (APR). And if the length of the new loan is the same as your old loan, then in the long term you'll pay less per month, and pay back less in total overall.

2. A loan with a difference length, which will affect both:

a. the monthly repayment amount
b. the total amount paid back.

Here's how it works:

- The shorter the loan, the higher the monthly repayment but the smaller the total amount paid back.
- The longer the loan, the smaller the monthly repayment but higher the total amount paid back.

3. Get a secured loan instead of an unsecured home. Warning:

- A secured loan guarantees your home against your loan. If you can not pay back your loan, the loan company takes your house.
- An unsecured loan does not guarantee your home, and costs more.

As a result, you could cut your monthly payments in half, but have to pay back triple what you borrowed. Or you could double your monthly repayments, and reduce the amount you have to pay back to double what you borrowed.

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